Ugadi Vedukalu

TCA executive committee is very pleased to thank you for attending "Ugadi Vedukalu" with your families & friends and making it a grand success. We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response from the audience during the entire event even when we slightly slipped from the scheduled time. The delay was not in our control and we apologize for this. TCA appreciates your understanding and support and this would not have been possible without your contribution and active participation.We once again apologize

It goes without saying that the volunteers were the backbone of the event. The event went without an incident and that is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers.

We also have seen many new members signing up for memberships during this time and we welcome them all to TCA.

TCA will keep you posted on our upcoming events and looking forward for your continued support and help us to serve better by bringing Austin Telugu Community together.

Note - Please share your thoughts and feedback on programs and food for making improvements